From the lake into hiking boots Holiday on the mountain or by the lake? Holidaymakers to the Gerlitzen will have to face this difficult decision – but why not enjoy both? Experience the delight of a boat trip on the Ossiacher See, step ashore and fl oat away right into the splendid fresh air of the mountain landscape – or maybe vice versa?

Gerlitzen Panorama-Kanzelbahn

Hiking can be so much: healthy, relaxing and liberating, when you can simply enjoy exercising in the fresh mountain air. But you can also embark on a fascinating expedition and discover the many things nature has to off er. And of course, have loads of fun with the whole family! Discover the joy of hiking on our many multifaceted and well-marked routes. Tip: Guided hike every Wednesday June 5th – September 3rd, Meeting point 10:00 a.m. Talstation/Kanzelbahn

Let us transport your bike Cycling between the mountain and the lake is truly a unique experience on the Gerlitzen. Enjoy the picturesque cycling trails surrounding the lake, Ossiacher See, before you and your bike fl oat eff ortlessly towards the summit – take a refreshing glance upwards and delight in the altitude and feeling of freedom that awaits you. And perhaps you would like to re-energise yourself at one of our rustic cabins before your twowheeler takes you back into the valley.

Bird‘s eye view of Carinthia The Gerlitzen is known as a paragliding paradise thanks to its special thermal qualities. Paragliders from around the world fl oat majestically through the sky and amaze onlookers with their aerial acrobatics. Watch the kings of the skies take off from the peak of the Gerlitzen, or try it yourself and take a tandem fl ight! Get more information at any of the local fl ight schools.

First-class sliding enjoyment Tobogganing or sledge rides are the winter highlight for lots of big and little kids. Now, you can also experience uninhibited sliding fun on the Gerlitzen even during the summer! Our summer tubes move along a specially made sliding carpet that simulates the sliding properties of snow. The lateral guides allow for untroubled fun, coupled with maximum safety. On your mark, get set, go!

Gerlitzen “Pistenfl itzer“: Powered by the pull of gravity, you “blaze“ down the Gerlitzen “Moser Slope“ on a secured route with new wooden fl ooring – the ultimate riding fun for all ages. The mountain carts are very easy to steer and brake and can be used by children who are 130 cm and taller.

Summer Bobsleigh Track in Ossiach

It´s a real adventure, to ride on the 760m long slope with many curves, bumbs, and so on. It´s just ten km from us.

Bergstation 800 meter – Dalstation 700 meter – Hoogteverschil 100 meter – Lengte 760 meter.


Bird Arena Burg Landskron

The primary aim of this show of birds of prey is to let people have a closer approach to these fascinating animals and to transmit some knowledgeable facts about them. Our birds have not by any means been taken out of the wild nature, but all originate from our own breeding program.

In a demonstration, lasting about 40 minutes, you will experience our free flying birds of prey in the upcurrent of the famous castle Landskron. After breathtaking flights the birds return to the falconer standing just in front of you. Behaviour and habits of these endangered species are explained in detail.

Ossiacher See Ship Rides

River rides so lovely and fun, river rides full of unforgettable experiences under the sun!

The idyllic Lake Ossiach is Austria’s third biggest lake, and located in one of the most pleasant regions in Austria perfect for some unforgettable hours afloat! Browse through our website and make yourself aware of what Lake Ossiach has to offer.

Navigation on the Lake Ossiach has a long tradition and reaches back to 1958. Today, there are two boats in operation: MS Ossiach & MS Villach

Panoramabahn Turracher Höhe

Enjoy the breathtaking panorama at 2000 metres in the mountains at Turracher Höhe! You can go hiking to the top at 2334 metres, take the panorama ski lifts to the mountain, and admire the beauty of the local area, including Nockberge, the Juliet-Alps and the Tauern Alps.


Summber Bobsleigh Track “Nocky Flitzer” Turracher Höhe

During the summer at the ski tracks you can slide down the alpine mountains in bobsleighs on an 1.600 meters long track. An eight-seat panorama lift will take you to the mountaintop, and the start of the bobsleigh track.

Bergstation 2.000 meter – Hoogteverschil 190 meter


Bad Kleinkirchheim Thermal Baths

Bad Kleinkirchheim is located at an altitude of about 1,100 metres above sea level, picturesquely nestled against the gentle summits of Kärnten’s Nockberge Mountains in Austria. Down in the valley, the world of water is the dominating feature. Two modern thermal spa facilities guarantee water pleasures and spa & wellness in a pleasant atmosphere. The 18-hole golf course at the end of the village is idyllically located and equally motivates beginners to take their first steps as well as experienced professionals, thanks to challenging passages.

Whether water fun or golfers’ delight – impressive mountain views are always included. The cable cars of the Brunnach Nationalparkbahn or the Kaiserburgbahn fast and reliably take you to lofty heights, where you can escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy breath-taking views, offered in any direction. From here, the greater area can be ideally discovered without significant differences in height hiking or mountain biking in summer.


Pyramidenkogel Lookout Tower

With its unique location at 905 metres above sea level, the NEW BUILD 100 metres-high Pyramidenkogel lookout tower makes it possible for you to enjoy panoramic views of Carinthia’s magical mountains, lakes and valleys: The view extends from the peaks of the Karawanken to those of the Hohe Tauern. In-between, the glistening blues of the Wörthersee and the Keutschach “4-Lake” Valley… 42 km from Bodensdorf.



Villacher Alpenstrasse

It’s a 16.5 km long road that has seven bends and 116 turns, cover 1,200 altitude metres and offers the most spectacular views and unique experiences: the Villach Alpine Road. Open all year round, the mountain road is one of a total of five premium alpine roads in Austria – each worth at least one visit! Start your driving fun in Villach-Möltschach, where the pay desk is to be found. First quickly ascend via several turns before the road opens far-reaching views of Villach, the Julian Alps and the Karawanks. Now follow the brim of the striking ridge on the wide road until it leads to the final destination Rosstratte with views of the Dobratsch summit beyond the timber line across alpine meadows.


Burg Hochosterwitz

Hochosterwitz is an outstanding example of a medieval fortress and stronghold. What makes the castle appear so strong is the obviously well suited position of the whole complex.

The winding access is blocked by 14 fortified gates and opens up at the armoury yard in front of the main castle. The 14 gates are the landmark of the castle. Only their extremely clever and technically correct construction made the castle impregnable as the enemy had to conquer gate by gate but was attacked from all sides at the same time.

The second path, called “fools stairs” leads over the steep and rocky west slope of the mountain. It was carved in the rock and allows entering the castle without passing the gates. These two defendable entries already existed in early times.

Characteristic for the 14th and 15th century are the square tower ”Bergfried” which originally controlled the entry into the castle yard and the protecting walls with battlements (Wintperge) when the crossbow was the main weapon.

A draw-well about 15m deep in the small courtyard of the main castle ensured the water supply. Because of its oversized square-stones it might originate from even more ancient times.

The small chapel with beautiful frescos and a typical Carinthian altar dated 1673 is situated on the north side of this courtyard.

The museum of the castle contains part of the weapons left by Napoleon as well as an arsenal of armoury, helmets, spears, lances, guns ect from various periods. The walls are decorated with portraits of Khevenhüller ancestor- and historical paintings. Documents showing the close relationship to the imperial family are also exhibited in the museum.

It´s 45 km from Bodensdorf.


Minimundus, de kleine wereld aan de Wörthersee

Explore 156 models from over 40 countries and discover the exciting indoor exhibition.

Travel around the world in just a few hours – the world’s most beautiful constructions are closer than you think. The indoor area hosts a permanent exhibition that promises excitement, games and entertainment for the whole family. It´s 34km from Bodensdorf.



Raggaschlucht Gorge, Carinthia, is an 800m long, romantic gorge with large waterfalls; in the central part of the Moelltal valley; in this gorge the Raggabach stream, coming from the south, flows into the Flattach stream. The tour takes 1,5-2 hours. It´s about 70 minutes drive from the Lake Ossiach.


What is the Kärntencard?

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